20-Decade Rosary in Blue Glass Crystal



20 Decade Rosary ( All 4 Rosaries in one!!)

Made using 6x4mm Blue glass crystal beads for the Ave’s and clear 6x8mm clear glass crystal beads for the Paters.

Comes with a handy clip on marker, to prevent you from losing your place (worth $5.00 for FREE).

Comes to you in a cloth pouch with a rosary leaflet.

The 4 Mysteries of the Rosary

The JOYFUL Mysteries

  • The Annunciation (Humility)
  • The Visitation (Love of Neighbour)
  • The Birth of Jesus (Poverty)
  • The Presentation of Jesus (Obedience)
  • The Finding of the Child Jesus in the Temple (Joy in Finding Jesus)

The GLORIOUS Mysteries

  • The Resurrection (Faith)
  • The Ascension (Hope)
  • The Descent of the Holy Spirit (Love of God)
  • The Assumption (Grace of a Happy Death)
  • The Coronation (Trust in Mary’s Intercession)

The SORROWFUL Mysteries

  • The Agony in the Garden (Sorrow for Sin)
  • The Scourging at the Pillar (Purity)
  • The Crowning with Thorns (Courage)
  • The Carrying of the Cross (Patience)
  • The Crucifixion ( Perseverance)

The LUMINOUS Mysteries

  • The Baptism of Jesus (Openness to the Holy Spirit)
  • The Wedding at Cana (To Jesus through Mary)
  • Proclaiming the Kingdom of God (Repentance and Trust in God)
  • The Transfiguration (Desire for Holiness)
  • The Institution of the Eucharist (Adoration)



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