Hi, my name is Patricia and I am the artisan behind PVK Devotionals. -
I started my business in 2010, I have always been a creative person, even in school, I loved to work with my hands - creating all things crafts. When I got older I had a business making quilts/cushions/soft toys and a lot of other crafts. Then in 1993 my mother passed away and after more trials, I made a decision to close my craft business and just not do anymore crafts at all, but The Mother of God had other ideas. She wanted me to keep creating and using the gifts God gave me - I started having dreams of rosaries and holding medals in my hands, all sorts of dreams, in fact, I was being bombarded with these dreams. I would wake up with such and excitement to start creating rosaries...so I did and I absolutely love this work Our Lady has placed before me. I didn't go looking to make a business with rosaries and other Catholic products, it just simply all fell into my lap. That is what I believe is God's Will for me, to help people know the importance and love of praying the rosary. So here I am now, still creating right up to this present time.
My faith is very important to me and so I offer everything for God's Glory. I simply hold the hand of our Mother Mary, pray a lot and walk where She leads me.

All the religious products I make are made from the heart with a lot of love and joy. I pray that you will join with me in sending more prayers to Heaven!!

God bless